An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with CE Certified Products

Global Engi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in the year of 2003, is one of the Leading companies manufacturing equipment for Waste to energy projects & waste disposal systems.

Our Range of Equipment covers Waste to Compost Machine, Food Waste Crushers, Sanitary Pad Disposal Incinerators, Biomedical / hazardous waste incinerators, Industrial Waste Incinerators, etc.

Our technical experts have large experience for Designing efficient, cost effective & fuel economic Incinerators. We Design, Manufacture, Eraction and Service all type of Incineration System as per the clients specific need. The company is having Very large customer base with 100% Satisfaction with the products and services. Our experts are providing not only the correct products but complete solution for the waste from any industry.

The Company is having the office in Gandhinagar, the Capital of Gujarat State in India, which is connected to Ahmedabad city and Ahmedabad Airport. The company has wide experience of designing of incinerators and waste disposal system. Equipment for disposal of Waste needs precious calculations and our expert team design the perfect system for all the need.